Higher aspects of yoga

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• Better Posture
Yoga exercise helps to keep one’s spine erect, reduce slouching and enables one to sit erect. Daily practice of yoga makes one’s spine strong also helping to gain more energy and feel less tired.

• Better alignment of the body
Yoga exercises forces so many unnatural positions that leads to better alignment of one’s body. Yoga poses the entire body to work together. Everything from a person’s back to neck, shoulders, lower back are supposed to be properly aligned with yoga exercises.

• Bone health
Yoga does improve one’s bones as there are many exercises in yoga to lift one’s own body preventing the risk of osteoporosis also making one’s bones stronger.

• Blood Flow
Different kind of yoga exercises that are of twisting and inverted nature enables better blood circulation this helps in boosting one’s haemoglobin and red blood count.

• Cardiovascular Health
Yoga improves one’s heart health. A daily practice of yoga reduces the risk of heart attack and depression. These exercises are natural and a safer solution as it is free from any side effects.

• Blood Pressure
Some asanas in yoga help to keep one’s blood pressure under control. Many people with high blood pressure have found improvement with daily practise of yoga.

• Better sleep and relaxation
Through yoga one can get rid of stress and sleep well. Slow breathing techniques and focus on present makes a person feel cool and relaxed. Yoga exercises are beneficial for relaxation of the nervous system that are responsible for a restful sleep.

• Improvement in lung health
Yoga emphasizes on many breathing exercises and makes one aware of the correct breathing patterns that filter the air supplying fresh oxygen in to the lungs hence improving the lung health.

• Reduces digestive problems
Exercises practised in yoga eases out constipation also reduce the risk of colon cancer. These exercises are good for transport of food in one’s body and removing waste through bowel movements. One can get rid of body waste more effectively.

• Eases out pain
People suffering from arthritis, pain and other chronic illnesses yoga can help in relieving pain making one feel better.

• Better strength
Unlike the gym workouts in yoga one does not have to pump iron or pull resistance bands. Yoga exercises involves in using one’s body weight and exercises. Yoga exercises help one to enter in to and hold various positions helps in natural strengthening of muscles.

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